AUTOMOTIVE APPRAISALS as easy as 1, 2, 3


Submit your trade-in right from your phone or tablet, or even your computer, for free. Nothing to buy, no commitment.


Get a value for your trade, not what some valuation service thinks average vehicles like yours are worth.


It takes just minutes to snap your photos and send in your appraisal. Then just wait for a prompt reply with an offer.


Getting an accurate value on a trade-in shouldn't be rocket science. The process should be simple and accurate for both the customer and the dealership. So why is it so hard? Why does getting an appraisal a lot of the time seem like such a chore? Bring the car to the dealership, find the person responsible for doing the appraisal, hope he or or she isn't tied up with something else, hope too many people didn't show up at the same time for an appraisal, try to keep everyone happy. It can be nuts!

Enter SnapShot Appraisal.

In just 3 easy steps customers can upload all the info dealerships need to make an accurate preliminary value estimate for the customer. Customers love it because they don't have to come to the dealership or interact with staff they may be intimidated by. Dealerships love it because they can process the valuation as they have time, instead of whenever the customer shows up. Awesome!