Get an AUTOMOTIVE APPRAISAL in just 3 easy steps!

Step ONE

Confirm your phone number. If this is the dealership you bought the car from, they keep track of your info by your phone number. Confirming your number ensures they have the right person. If you've not done business with this particular dealership before, providing your phone number allows them to know who the trade-in belongs to. Don't worry, your info is safe and sound and won't be used for marketing by either us or them.

Step TWO

Provide just a bit of info about your trade-in, such as its VIN and the condition you think it's in. Whether its in pristine condition or a total beater, whatever the trade-in condition, give the dealership your accurate, honest opinion so they can give you an accurate, honest value. Avoid the temptation to say the car is nicer than it is, cause then the dealership will give you too high of a value, and then when you come in they'll have to tell you the car isn't as nice as you said it was, and then that will be awkward, and you'll feel bad, and they'll feel bad, and it will be a whole thing, and nobody wants that.


Upload some pictures! A picture's worth a thousand words, as they say, and dealerships like to get good angles on the car both inside and outside so they can give you a solid value, so we ask for 4 interior and 4 exterior shots. So those pics are worth, what, 8000 words? Nice. Just take them on your phone and upload them right on the site.


Wouldn't it be great if you could avoid the hassle that goes with buying a car? The endless waiting for paperwork, the shuffling between different offices. What if you could get everything done before hand, using just your smartphone, and then just show up, spend 10 minutes signing a couple forms, and have them hand you the keys to your new ride?

Snapshot makes the appraisal part of that dream a reality, and helps the dealerships that use it to provide the whole dream to you, the customer. With the appraisal of your trade-in done before you ever come to the dealership, you don't have to worry about wasted time.

Want a new car but aren't sure if its even worth your time to stop buy? Afraid the dealership is going to low ball you on your trade-in? With SnapShot Appraisal those concerns are put to rest. Simply go to the dealership's SnapShot page, follow the 3 simple steps and bam, in just a short while you get an honest, accurate valuation on your trade at the dealership of your choosing. Pretty awesome, huh?


Want a trade-in appraisal on your car but haven’t started working with a dealer yet?

SnapShot appraisal works with dealerships all over the country, so we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and click on the link below and follow the 3 easy steps. We’ll forward your appraisal to one of the many new car dealerships we work with and get you a trade-in appraisal right away. Couldn’t be simpler. And if you like the idea of getting all this done without having to leave home, you can even pick out your new car online and have it delivered and your trade-in picked up. You even have a 5-day return period to decide if it’s right for you. Click below to get started.

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