Web-based interface means SnapShot works on all platforms and devices. No app to download just click and go.


High resolution pictures of the actual trade-in. No 3rd party software providing under- or overinflated estimates. You set the value.


SnapShot delivers a link directly into your CRM or email. Just click for all the pictures and data on the trade-in.


The times, they are a changin'. To stay relevant to customers, dealerships need to operate on the customers' terms. And, overwhelmingly, customers have said they want to use their smartphones for everything. And because they are busy, they want their smartphone to save them time and make the car buying experience simple. Dealerships that embrace this will sell more cars.

How do you simplify car buying for your customers without spending a ton of money on new software or systems?

Enter SnapShot Appraisal.

With SnapShot Appraisal there is no software to buy, no infrastructure costs, no setup fees and no long term commitment. In fact, there's no commitment at all. Signup for a SnapShot account and receive a branded site that your customers can access from their smartphones. Use it as long as it helps you sell cars. Cancel any time. Customers input the basic data about their car, tell you about the condition, and then upload some photos. SnapShot emails the results to whoever you designate at your dealership, and then you value the trade at your convenience. Once valued, reach back out to the customer with their trade-in allowance and schedule them to come in to pick up their new car. The trade-in value is based on how the car was represented by the customer and is non-binding. The overwhelming majority of SnapShot users are meticulous about the actual condition of their car, but if you get one that misrepresented the trade, just let them know that's the case and present the new value. You're not locked in and SnapShot is careful to make sure customers know that.